Xzavier is fighting for his life again at Children’s in Milwaukee

Xzavier Davis-Bilbo is back at Children's in Milwaukee fighting for his life.

Xzavier Davis-Bilbo was paralyzed five years ago at the hands of a distracted driver who was texting.  Xzavier is ten years old and he has had ten hospitalizations.

Xzavier Davis-Bilbo is fighting for his life again at Children's in Milwaukee

Xzavier also lost his left lung in the original trauma.  The surgeons told his mom Valetta Bradford that the only thing that saved her son’s life was the metal scooter that took most of the brunt of the assault of the vehicle that drug him from his older sister’s embrace and down the road twenty yards.  Valetta later told me that they found a second set of tire tracks on his legs.

Click here for the bulleted list of their journey.

And Xzavier survived to become an advocate against distracted driving with an emphasis on texting.

Xzavier Davis-Bilbo appeared on the Katie Couric Show in New York.

His accomplishments include appearances made for the ‘It Can Wait’ campaign.

The PSA;

The documentary ‘From One Second to the Next’

Last year Mayor Tom Barrett declared ‘Xzavier Day’ for his works on;

the ‘It Can Wait’ and the ‘Don’t text 4 X’ campaigns.

Xzavier traveled to Hollywood to attend the red carpet premiere of the documentary by legendary Werner Herzog.  The documentary was inspired by Valetta Bradford.  Mr. Herzog had been hired only to film the PSA and when he asked the folks at AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon to produce the documentary they didn’t hesitate.

We are asking for donations at this time of crisis while Xzavier is hospitalized, of course a lot of extra expenses are going to crop up like the cost of eating meals out, parking fees, gas money, on top of all the regular expenses.

in Valetta’s case, her regular expenses include stocking up on supplies for Xzavier.  He is cared for at home because Valetta wants her son to live as normal a life as she can make it.

Valetta campaigns because she never wants what happened to Xzavier to ever happen to another child.

At the time of this writing, Valetta is holding vigil at Xzavier’s bedside.  She sent out a post that said she can’t access her in box from the ICU.  Valetta has approved this gofundme fundraiser


Or you can email Valetta at valettabradford@gmail.com

You’ll have to ask Valetta to send you a Paypal link.

Or you can donate in person at any Educator’s Credit Union nationwide.  Thank you for prayers and donations, that Lady down in Texas.

The X-Man Foundation is a federally recognized non-profit organized under section 501 (c)(3).


Mom of the Year! Valetta Bradford

Prom night for Aurie Parris. Mom Valetta Bradford and brother Xzavier Davis-Bilbo are advocates against distracted driving with an emphasis on texting

This Sunday I will be thinking about my friend Valetta Bradford.  We’ve never met and we may never get the circumstances to meet seeing as I’m down here in Texas and Valetta lives up by the Great Lakes, but she holds a seat in my heart as the Mom of the Year!

Tonight as I write this, Valetta is enjoying the fruits of her labor sending her daughter off to her prom.  That’s a milestone.

Prom night for Aurie Parris.  'Don't text 4 X'

Congratulations from Texas, ya’ll.

Valetta Bradford takes excellent care of her family and goes above and beyond every single day.  For most of us moms, that’s enough.

For Valetta, it is not.

Valetta and her son Xzavier make public appearances on television and radio, in front of congregations at high schools, driving schools, and colleges.  Really any event that provides a platform for the ‘Don’t text 4 X’ campaign will get Valetta and Xzavier out in front of young and future drivers anywhere.

So I lift my cup to you Spokeswoman Valetta Bradford and toast your accomplishments and ask that you are blessed and that all your efforts bear fruit.  Salud.

Happy Mother’s Day 2015

To donate to the ‘Don’t text 4 X’ campaign email Valetta directly at valettabradford@gmail.com

Ask her to send over a PayPal link.  God bless.

SXSW says NO to the ‘Don’t text 4 X’ campaign

Bruce Jenner on the phone three days after he killed Kim Howe.
From: SXSW Sales <sales@sxsw.com>
To: cbwlinda24@yahoo.com
Sent: Monday, February 16, 2015 3:49 PM
Subject: SXSW Exhibitor Application

Hi Linda,

We received an application from Valetta a few weeks ago regarding The X-Man Foundation participating in our expo. While we appreciate your willingness to participate, we are currently sold out for our Trade Show and don’t see the foundation as a fit for our Gaming Expo. We appreciate your application nonetheless and wish you, Valetta, and Xzavier all the best.
I wrote her back;
From: cbwlinda24@yahoo.com>
To: SXSW Sales <sales@sxsw.com>
Sent: Monday, February 16, 2015 4:09 PM
Subject: Re: SXSW Exhibitor Application
Can you help us out with the proper procedure check list so that we may participate next year?
I would also like to ask you to reconsider your stand on the fit for your Gaming Expo.  Xzavier is paralyzed and he depends upon a respirator to breathe and must be attended 24/7 by a nursing staff (that is also available to travel with X and his mom).  Xzavier’s passion is gaming.  Just imagine his booth loaded with his favorite games and while he’s demonstrating the games for your guests we volunteers can be handing out fliers to bring awareness to the very real need to not play the games while behind the wheel of a car (even or especially at the red lights).
Meeting Xzavier and his mom Valetta Bradford is a profound experience.  Drivers have no excuses for a continued course of determined distracted driving after just a few moments of visiting with this dynamic duo that will in no way take away the enjoyment of your guests experience.  I applaud them for the self sacrificing they continue to do to appear before drivers of all ages but especially before young drivers who seem to think they are above it all and that the warnings to not text and drive are for someone else.  It’s a message for all drivers.  Even safe drivers cannot afford a minor distraction in light of all the drivers out there who divide their attentions between the road and their devices.
In fact, now that I’m writing about it, this is the category Xzavier does belong in, hand in glove fit.
Please reconsider your stance and give us the information to apply for a booth in your Gaming Expo. Your work here today could save a life of your very own loved ones.  That’s why we do this work.
Thank you for your reconsiderations,
that Lady down in Texas
It didn’t work.  Chloe either had no response or like so many in the ‘biz’ she shares an attitude that the crippled and less than beautiful have no place in their world.
For instance, when Kanye West was demanding that a man in a wheelchair stand up before he continued his concert the media took that story for a trip around the world, (the concert was in Australia).  No apology was issued from Kanye’s camp for the brutal humiliation he put the man in the wheelchair through in front of thousands at the concert and then millions around the world who heard about it.
When Kanye’s father in law killed a woman because he is a distracted driver, (a few days after the killing Bruce was photographed by the Paparazzi talking on his phone while driving.)  Bruce issued this statement;

‘It is a devastating tragedy, and I cannot pretend to imagine what this family is going through at this time. I am praying for them. I will continue to cooperate in every way possible.’

But three days after the crash, Jenner was seen talking on his phone while driving in Los Angeles.

The reality star had the device pressed to his ear while behind the wheel in Thousand Oaks,

Well, in this lady’s opinion, that is a bullshit statement to put out there.  He lied at the scene of the crime saying his victim hit the Prius and investigation will show that Bruce Jenner rear-ended both of the vehicles.

Everyone knows Bruce Jenner will not serve any prison time for this vehiclular homicide.  I know it.  I won’t even be surprised if he issues some token PSA regarding the incident.  He has PR people that may make him do so.

And for the record, this Lady down in TEXAS does not believe in accident forgiveness.  There are no accidents.  I call them collisions while the rest of the world calls them accidents while begging for accident forgiveness.  This is just another fault in the system that allows people (drviers) to get away with murder.

Everyone knows that the rear ender is at fault for these types of collisions.  In fact it’s law.

Craig Ferguson’s out with a bang performance ‘Bang on your Drum’

Spokeswoman Valetta Bradford and Xzavier Davis-Bilbo have been reduced to riding public transportation through the Milwaukee bus system

I don’t know why I love this performance so much but I’m sure to log a few hundred views of this performance.  I plan to use this as inspiration to keep going in 2015 when we hit slumps in the campaign ‘Don’t text 4 X’.

Xzavier Davis-Bilbo received accolades from Mayor Tom Barrett of Milwaukee and a citation from the State of Wisconsin

Our high point this year of 2014 was when Xzavier was honored with ‘Xzavier Day’ by Mayor Tom Barrett.

Our low point this year was when the wheelchair accessible van finally broke completely down. The wheelchair lift to the house was falling apart as well and Valetta told me someone had to stand on the side of it to steady the frame when they lifted Xzavier on it.  Valetta got that lift repaired after a few months of planning.

We had drama like when Shi Shi the service dog was stolen from Xzavier’s yard.  We followed the saga of the missing Shi Shi on Facebook with mom Valetta Bradford.  Milwaukee news teams rallied around Valetta and together they brought Shi Shi home to Xzavier.  We like dog stories in Texas.

What a lot of you don’t know is that Valetta’s home was burglarized while Valetta, Aurie and X traveled to New York to appear on one of the last segments on ‘the Katie Couric Show’.  Xzavier’s Playstation was taken along with other electronics.

Then we picked up a new volunteer for The X-Man Foundation on ‘Xzavier Day’ and Cindy got Xzavier a new X-Box One.

Xzavier Davis-Bilbo receives a gift of a new X-Box from Cindy a volunteer at The X-Man Foudation

Valetta’s mom died this year.  She was known as Ma’am and I hear tale she was a pretty darn fair cook.

Spokeswoman Valetta BradfordNow Valetta is matriarch of her strong family.

We’re calling for all drivers to put the phones away. completely put them away when you are behind the wheel so that you can keep banging that drum of yours and not go out in a statistic report.

We never get in touch with any of the other texting victims because most of them do not survive.  That’s why Xzavier is so important.  Xzavier gives voice to the dangers of distracted driving with an emphasis on texting.  Meeting him is a profound experience and one likely to change attitudes of young drivers who think the warnings are for the other drivers.

Xzavier Davis-Bilbo survived a distracted driver

To donate to the ‘Don’t text 4 X’ campaign email Valetta directly at


and ask her to send you a Paypal link.  We have no administrative fees.  All workers at The X-Man Foundation are volunteers.

Click here to friend Valetta on Facebook.

Wherever your passion lies, keep banging on your drum in 2015 and ‘Don’t text 4 X’

Mission Statement of ‘The X-Man Foundation’

The X-Man Foundation strives to educate drivers to the consequences of distracted driving with an emphasis on texting.  Before Xzavier’s injuries, our Valetta was a rider and she knows the dangers distracted driving poses for other riders.  “You just have to be aware at all times for other pedestrians, riders, and other drivers at all times.”
Spokeswoman Valetta Bradford is also a rider and she stands for safety and asks all ya'll be aware of riders, share the roadSpokeswoman Valetta Bradford founded the non-profit after tragedy left her five year old son paralyzed from the diaphragm down and dependent upon a respirator.  This tragedy was senseless and a text is blamed for these life altering consequences.
Valetta and volunteers at The X-Man Foundation believe the Story of X is the most powerful tool we have to correct attitudinal beliefs of drivers concerning warnings not to text and drive.  This is a fight we cannot win on our own.  Laws are being passed throughout the nation to make it illegal to use cell phones while driving.  We realize that laws exist making it illegal to drink and drive as well and yet every docket in every courtroom across America is clogged with DUI’s and DWI’s.
Aurie Parris, Xzavier Davis-Bilbo, and Valetta Bradford appeared on the Katie Couric Show.
Volunteers at The X-Man Foundation are applying for grants to get a wheelchair accessible van gifted to Valetta and Xzavier  but so far we have not landed any sponsor for this necessity.  We are asking for your donations at this time to help them get transportation.
Their roster includes an appearance on The Katie Couric Show, interviews on local Milwaukee news stations, interviews on local Milwaukee radio stations,  a PSA made with AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon in the ‘It Can Wait’ campaign and the documentary of ‘From One Second to the Next’ by legendary director Werner Herzog.  They make appearances at driving schools and colleges and any event where there are drivers.
Valetta and Xzavier’s goal is to have the message of their campaign ‘Don’t text 4 X’ reach every driver and that includes our nation and also all the nations of the world.  Valetta never wants what happened to her son to ever happen to another child and that is why they campaign.  We at The X-Man Foundation want Xzavier’s name to be a household name in America.
Spokeswoman Valetta Bradford is an advocate against distracted driving with an emphasis on texting
You can reach Valetta Bradford at 414-324-6623.
Her email address is valettabradford@gmail.com


Personal Agitation

What cause was ever promoted without the fire of personal agitation?  Frances Guizot wrote of this more than a hundred years ago in his estimation of Shakespeare and how the nations of France and England reacted by taking this art to a national level.

Few would understand the language of his time, so I shall attempt to sum it up in my own words.  If one wants to promote art or a cause to a national level, then one has to also appeal to the common man (and woman).  You have to reach this national audience in ways that speak to the individual, on an individual level in contemporary language and art.

The cause I have dedicated the rest of my life to, is to advocate against distracted driving, one tough nut to crack.  Here is why, everyone I know is using a cell phone while they drive.  I also know 150 people may die in the nation I reside in at the hands of distracted drivers with cell phones today.  They will all certainly be involved in collisions resulting from distracted driving.

Click here to a statistical report from the Department of Transportation

I can’t go two miles from my home without seeing someone on the phone behind the wheel of a car.

But that’s not the source of my personal agitation.  In 1989 a distracted driver ran a stop sign on the corner of the church where she worked at a daycare center.  She struck my Bonneville, a big ole tank of a car, on the passenger rear end side so hard that tank spun around 3/4’s of a turn.

Afterwards, I was left with four bulging discs in my neck and back.

I had a raging headache for two weeks after the collision.

The driver’s name was Amy Mansfield at the time.  This blonde little ditz said “Well officer, I just didn’t see that stop sign.”

Goddammit give me a break.  A stop sign is a big red octagonal thing that every driver knows about.  She was a cute little thing and she got away with this crime against my person.  I have been in excruciating pain for 25 years.  Some days are better than others.  I manage this pain by just lying down.  I tried all that crap the doctors hand out and can’t deal with the side effects.  I went the chiropractic way, I tried Rolfing, exercises, aspirin and Tenz units, all of it has been lessons in futility.  I have four bulging discs in my neck and back.

Now let me tell you just a bit about how other people prosper from the pain of others.  There are lawyers and insurance agents, there are doctors and quacks, there are pharmaceutical companies, physical therapists and prosthetic companies, wheelchair manufacturers, there are body shops and car salesmen, there are cops and robbers, there are car manufacturers and in these times – cell phone manufacturers, there are lobbyists and lawmakers, there are funeral directions and cremators, all of these will take their cut if you are in a collision involving a distracted driver.

That’s why no one balked at the idea of allowing drivers cell phones in the first place.  This is big business baby.

And I am just a little lady down in Texas in my little pond and I became interested in Xzavier Davis-Bilbo and his family because when I watched that PSA that ran for one month only in Texas sponsored by the big wigs AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon I knew that family was important beyond what their sponsors would allow.

Spokeswoman Valetta Bradford and her paralyzed son Xzavier Davis-Bilbo made a PSA for the 'It Can Wait' campaign

I went on-line to find them but could not, I realized that they were being used.  I had to dig for hours in that damnable ‘It Can Wait’ website.  I took the pledge and for the record, I have never used a cell phone while behind the wheel, nor would I ever consider such a callous action.  Valetta Bradford and Xzavier Davis-Bilbo did not have an internet presence.  Why didn’t AT&T and the others set them up with a donate button?  That was my first question because I wanted to donate a dollar to their campaign.  (The tagline to this blog is I wanted to donate a dollar).

Had these companies promoted this family like they deserved to be promoted, their campaign would have reached national exposure by now.  If everyone that has been touched by the struggles this family has been through over a freaking text message, and donated a dollar, Valetta wouldn’t have to struggle to care for her son in this condition or even to hang onto her house that is in a high crime neighborhood.  This family has been robbed a couple of times since I have known them.


They should be somewhere safe in a gated community by now.  Why does this woman have to wait for the relief she is owed?  Did you know that Valetta and Xzavier are aware of all of the critical and racist remarks that have been linked to their on-line interviews?  Talk about adding insult to injury.  Now, that is a direct result of forsaking their privacy to participate in the ‘It Can Wait’ campaign and do you think AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon compensated them for this?  No they did not.  AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon have ceased making their interviews available and have not promoted their interviews in over a year.

They have been thrown out like yesterday’s news.  And it was one of those damn phones they make that put Xzavier in a wheelchair and dependent upon a respirator.

Now I know you are saying, ‘Hey Lady, don’t you think it was that driver’s fault that put Xzavier in the chair?’

Yes I do.  She is a damn idiot.  She crossed out of her lane and struck Xzavier in the confounds of a school crosswalk.  The text that she was composing at the time read ‘I’m on my way’.

The State of Wisconsin passed a bill in May of 2010, (Xzavier was struck in October of 2010), to punish distracted drivers with a little bit of a heftier fine but when this driver struck Xzavier she was fined only $160 dollars.

The miniscule insurance that she carried netted Valetta only $25K dollars and that was soaked up by installing the wheelchair lift to the house and one for a second hand van Valetta had to buy and she replumbed her house to accommodate Xzavier’s bathing needs.  Since then the wheelchair lift to the van failed before the van finally went kapoot and the wheelchair lift to the house was installed improperly and someone had to hold on to Xzavier every time he used it in case he was going to fall out.

This all adds to my agitation because I can feel outside of myself.  Thank God for my pain because that means I am not paralyzed.  I can use my hands to type these messages for you and launch these petitions to try and get some national recognition for the campaign I am so passionate about ‘Don’t text 4 X’.

This is all bigger than myself, the family of Xzavier, all of the people who work for and against relieving our roads of distracted drivers.  This is about you and your loved ones.

Thank you if you hit the share button on this article, nobody ever does, and if you would like to make a donation to the campaign of Xzavier Davis-Bilbo, here is that link;


Please sign our petition to get Xzavier and his campaign ‘Don’t text 4 X’  to the White House for Christmas.


‘Xzavier Day’ Updates

Xzavier Davis-Bilbo received a Citation of Honor from the State of Wisconsin and a proclamation of 'Xzavier Day' from Mayor Tom Barrett

‘Xzavier Day’ was an important event!

Xzavier Davis-Bilbo received a Citation from the State of Wisconsin and a Proclamation from the Mayor of Milwaukee.

We picked up a few extra Facebook friends and possible future advocates in the ‘Don’t text 4 X’ campaign.

The fundraiser after event expenses was hardly worth the effort it took  but that is not why Spokeswoman Valetta Bradford hosts this event every year on or near the anniversary of her son’s serious injuries.  Valetta says she never wants anything like this to happen to another child.  She understands how important her son is in this fight to stop the senseless injuries and fatalities linked to distracted driving.  I believe the Story of X is the most powerful tool we have at this time to give drivers pause before continuing on in a determined course of distracted driving and we both put an emphasis on the texting aspect,

‘Don’t text for X’.

These pictures of X blew me away.  This photograph was taken of Xzavier during Mayor Tom Barrett’s address;

Xzavier Davis-Bilbo listens to Mayor Tom Barrett's proclamation of 'Xzavier Day!' and he also received a citation from the State of Wisconsin

A picture says a thousand words and the expression on Xzavier’s face shows he is wise beyond his nine years of age.

Valetta and Xzavier’s next event is another community outreach  on October 25th.  Click this link below for details;


So a quick recap on things with this family;

  • the wheelchair lift is still inoperable
  • the van the lift is on finally went kapoot (Valetta says she still drove it on errands when Xzavier’s nurse was on duty)
  • this means this mother and son duo have had to resort to public transportation
  • taking public transportation cuts down on how many drivers they can take their campaign to
  • the funds raised during the event didn’t cover all the expenses of hosting the event
  • that means this event was an out of pocket expense for this single mom and advocate working to keep you safer
  • Valetta and X will still carry on this campaign because one day the support will come
  • It’s just meant to be, I know it,  Xzavier Davis-Bilbo is important
  • this Lady down in Texas will continue to volunteer for The X-Man Foundation  (I do it because I want all of you safe)
  • It is a struggle to keep this campaign alive at the end of the day after everyone goes home
  • Xzavier remains paralyzed and dependent upon a strict health regimen and a respirator to keep him alive
  • Valetta still has to run her household and provide extensive nursing care to her son
  • Xzavier has to continue to be a good sport about all of this and he continues to do his very best, he offers his best to us
  • It’s about time someone out there will offer their best to Xzavier.

Two days after ‘Xzavier Day’ our new Facebook friend Cindy gave Xzavier the most wonderful gift!

Xzavier Davis-Bilbo receives a gift of a new X-Box from Cindy a volunteer at The X-Man Foudation

Valetta tells me the new X-Box requires the internet to operate it and she doesn’t have a connection.  She runs The X-Man Foundation from her phone.  It doesn’t require an internet connection, so if anyone out there knows how to bypass the need for this extra expense so Xzavier can begin playing the 15 games Cindy gave X to go along with the new X-Box, we sure would appreciate it.

Thank you Cindy for giving your very best.  I’m so happy for him.  He has had to swallow so much disappointment in his short life.  This event shored him up to continue on in his fight.  His mom does her best to make every single day ‘Xzavier Day’ and the best day she can possibly make for her young son and she also has to worry about where the money is going to come from.


Click here to donate to the ‘Don’t text 4 X’ campaign.  100% of your donations go to the campaign with no overhead.  The X-Man Foundation is staffed with volunteers.  When you promote this campaign you save lives and you validate the efforts this mother and son duo bring to every driver they can.  ‘Don’t text for X’.