Texting Victims are all alone

Mothers Against Drunk Drivers changed the playscape of the eighties.  Until they came along, nobody did much about drunk drivers who killed.  Times haven’t changed all that much.

My research today has lead me down such an ugly spiral that a sick feeling is permeating throughout my being.  Texting Victims are all alone.  You will find a presence for Valetta Bradford on the internet and as far as I know she is the only one.  I googled all kinds of key words to find others like her and other than a few articles written about each grisly crash there is nothing to find.  Drivers who text are taking away loved ones leaving the survivors stunned and alone.

Once an anonymous parent sent over pictures of a son, a picture of the crash and the date and place of the crash and the only words that parent had to say about that was ‘Rest in Peace’.  What words would ever bring this young man back? His story is at this link;


You may enjoy reading this article linked below about how prosecutors got jail time for Stephanie Kanoff of Wisconsin but not very much jail time, one year for murder, I mean vehicular homicide.  She’s already out of jail.  She was also sentenced to community service by talking about what she did but as far as I could tell none of her remarks have made it on the internet and that is pathetic because she committed her murder in 2010, served one year jail time, and the internet was well under way then. She should have used her time in jail to learn WordPress so she could carry out her sentence.  Why is none of her community service available on line?  Read this article to see how prosecutors caught her in the bold face lie she tried to use to cover up her murder;


And this is the best I could come up with and this is pretty pathetic on the whole of it.  One comment in the article by prosecutors that truly made me sick was that their profession has a secret joke, “If you want to commit murder, use a car.  You are sure to get away with it.”  I don’t even feel bad about posting that on this website, because nobody reads this website so the public at large is safe.  My articles do not get anyone’s attention.  Nobody comments and the crickets are chirping away happily.  No need to worry about me, I don’t own a car.  Their secret is safe.

I can’t afford a car.   See, I am a victim of a distracted driver.  My special friend was going by the name of Amy Mansfield at the time.  This was in the late eighties.  She told the cops that she didn’t see that big red octagonal STOP sign at the corner of her employment at a church over on 8th Street where she was fleeing like a bat out of hell and she clipped the rear passenger end of my powder blue Bonneville and spun it around in a 180 degree turn that ended my carefree existence.  Everyday since that day, I have had such pain with the four bulging discs in my neck that have disfigured me, clipped my wings, and I lost the job I had at the time and I never really reached my full potential in Corporate America because sometimes the pain is so bad, I can’t get out of bed.

Amy Mansfield never once offered to help me with my small children.  Amy Mansfield’s attorney used my bi-racial marriage to persecute us.  It was quite horrible.  Immediately after I was desposed, my husband and I ran into the attorney that deposed us.  We were in the Pharmaco store that is now an Academy store.  I was pushing the cart and I turned the aisle corner and there she was.  I was stunned.  I wanted to lash out at her but instead I stood there with my mouth agape.  My husband took me by the arm and we just left that store and we left her in peace.  I do not believe in coincidence.  I do not believe she was following us either.  You should have seen the look on her face.  It was clear to us that she was surprised to see us there.  After the horrible things she said about us in our lawyers office and that stuffy old white attorney I had hired did nothing to stop her or shut her up at the deposition table.  I later fired him and he fought me.  He told me I couldn’t fire him.  Then he tagged his fee to the next attorney, he still got paid and I didn’t know enough about the law then to stop him.  I did not get paid, let me tell you that.  My medical bills barely got paid and I walked away with $7K dollars.  I still have that box of deposition papers covered with a thick layer of dust in my garage.  I kept that box thinking that one day I would be strong enough to look at those depositions, but I have never been strong enough to take a peek at those depositions after over 25 years.  I am better off forgetting about those papers and those lawyers, hers and mine, conspiring against me and Ray because back then, mixed couples were not generally accepted even though everyone, black or white, complimented us on our beautiful daughters.  That was the weapon used against me, my marriage.  My marriage was put on deposition.  I still don’t know what this was all about, but I should change the name of that Lady down in Texas to that Crazy Lady down in Texas because just thinking about this again today makes me want to go out in the back forty and scream my fool head off.  Lawyers make me crazy.

Today I hold a paralegal certificate and I completed several legal specialist courses of which I graduated with a 4.O GPA.   I have been black balled from working in the legal field though because I turned on my attorney employer who was taking his 13 year old stepdaughter to the law office for nefarious purposes and when I exposed him,  the other attorneys I worked for at that place turned on me instead of him.  Paul Velte the Fourth was charged with 24 counts of aggravated sexual assault on a minor, his own stepdaugter and then after two years of watching this go through the courts a visiting judge acquitted each and every charge.  You can find that story in the Angel page of this website.  This all happened in 2009.  Oh, I was so filled with hope that my second career would finally take off.  Before that, I worked for AMD.  There’s another worthless education I have under my belt.  So, that’s a little about me.

And I come here and I write about what I find out and my expert opinion is that texting victims are quite alone.  This is a large group of people because texting while driving does not just affect the victims of the crashes they cause, this affects the entire family of each victim and these family members are so wounded that they retreat into the shadows with their pain and try as you might, good luck finding one on the internet.

Except for Valetta Bradford.  She stands alone.  An army of one as a Spokeswoman against Distracted Driving with an emphasis on texting.

Here is a link to Valetta’s YouCaring.com page where you can donate on-line to get her down the road a little further;



Texas Prosecutors are punishing drivers who kill

I found an article out of San Antonio that shows the world how we roll, in Texas.  Christopher Lamar got 30 years for double murder.

This guy was DRUNK and TEXTING when he killed two people in a disabled car on the shoulder of a highway in San Antonio.

Follow this link to read the entire article.


Here is an excerpt from the article that is my favorite;

“You’re not sending him to the prison … for unintentional murderers,” Martinez said, pointing out that his client is likely to be targeted for violence and rape by fellow inmates because the case involved a child victim. “You’re sending him to prison with the worst people in society. You’re sending him to a place where none of us would want to be for five minutes.”

But there were plenty of intentional acts — drinking two Guinness beers plus an entire bottle of vodka, opting to get behind the wheel of a 4,500-pound SUV and driving 80 mph — that caused the deaths, prosecutors Tamara Strauch and David Henderson responded.

“Do you want to live some place where you can’t pull over on the side of the road?” Henderson asked. “That man can never, ever, ever be allowed to get behind the wheel again — ever.”

Christopher Lamar above killed Jessica Rodriguez and her daughter Kaylee Flores because he was driving drunk and he was also trying to text at the time of the murders.

The article also says Christopher Lamar was texting.  Well, this douche bag has thirty years in a federal prison to figure it out.  What’s it going to take for you to figure it out?


Paul Walker dies in Car Crash on November 30, 2013

We at Welcome the Weird send out our condolences to the friends and family of Paul Walker.       Jazzy Fosho met him two years in a row at the SXSW party here in Austin, TX and she is not taking the news well.  She’s asleep in the middle of this glorious day and how can it be glorious without Paul Walker.

I will be posting pics of them together once she recovers from the shock and starts to move around again.  Paul was not driving, the news has reported a friend was driving and that friend also died in the  car crash on Saturday November 30, 2013 in South California.

Please be more careful out there.  ‘Don’t text for X’.

Rest in Peace,  Paul Walker.

Strength of a Mother

I’m 51, a child of the sixties and I actually happened to live in Southern California right there with all the hippies not far from Haight-Ashbury.  Yup, that lady down in Texas was actually born in Cali.

My mother was a little five foot four church mouse and the hippies kind of scared Ann.  So there she was driving her station wagon with the wooden panels on the side and two girls are sitting on a park bench making out.  My sister Patty and I are sitting in the back seat and we are not in seat belts then because that law just wasn’t enforced in the sixties and Ann thought we were old enough not to have to bother with those seat belts.  I was six and Patty was five.

Ann had to stop at the four way stop in front of a park and talk about distracted driving.  Her mouth was opened and her eyes were popping out and her head was turned and the one girl had long red hair and the other girl had long blonde hair and we two girls in the back seat were on our feet looking out the window at what our mom was looking at.

Just then the couple changed positions in their necking activities and lo and behold they both had beards.  My mother gasped and she couldn’t breathe there for a minute and Patty and I howled.

And that’s my hippie story from the sixties,  I was there.  Ann composed herself quickly enough and that journey ended safely at home.

Oh how times have changed and since this posting is a tribute to mothers and Valetta Bradford is why I come here,  Let’s show some love for a mother that is tougher than all of us, the Mother of X.  She just wants to make a difference against distracted driving and let more of you know she was here and for you Valetta, I dedicate this song.

Valetta Bradford
PO Box 06061
Milwaukee, WI 53206

Friend Valetta on Facebook


If you friend Valetta and you want to donate to the care of Xzavier or the campaign against Distracted Driving,  you have to tell her.  She may be  set up to receive donations through her personal email through PayPal by now.  You can also donate in person at any Educator’s Credit Union nationwide.  Be sure you are donating to the X-Man Foundation in care of Valetta Bradford.

the PTX page

I have been riding the Pentatonix wave and haven’t crashed yet.  This is a group of five kids not long out of high school that has raised the bar so high I can’t wait to see what tops them.  So much talent and all A Capella except for the Radioactive cover.  Click the page link to enter the funnest time-sucking vortex you have yet to encounter.  Warning, do not listen to while driving when you can be tempted to look at some instrument to view what they are doing and if you have to get some work done, better not put on the Pentatonix.


Benefit for Xzavier was rained out.

And it’s flooding down in Texas this minute.  The chicken farmer next door to me had to move those chickens because Onion Creek flooded his acres.

So if you are not scrambling around because of too much water or you are stuck in the house because of too much water or you are just feeling blessed because you are blessed, anything you can do to help Valetta further her campaign against Distracted Driving will help.

‘Don’t text for X’