Sexy Dr. Macchiarini

Dr. Paolo Macchiarini is a surgeon using artificial tracheas for trnasplants

I just saw ‘Leap of Faith’ a documentary on the ever so sexy Dr. Paolo Macchiarini by Meredith Vierra, I love her.

Meredith follows Dr. Macchiarini’s pioneering invention of an artificial trachea developed with stem cells from the patient.  This is amazing news for all those in need of transplants and miracle repairs.  We are on the brink of ending pain, death, and suffering for the seriously ill among us which is so many.


I recommend you watch this wonderful documentary because it brings hope.  Thank you Dr. Macchiarini

Watch ‘Leap of Faith’ featuring Dr. Paolo Macchiarini interviewed by Meredith Vierra at this link;


Dr. Macchiarini is a dead ringer for one of my lost boys.


Personal Legend as told by Paulo Coelho and why it is imperative you pay attention.

Paulo Coelho wrote this little gem called ‘The Alchemist’.  I finished it a couple of days ago and it’s one of those stories you never forget.  In this tale a young boy sets out to find his treasure.  The boy is aided by mysterious figures along the way and he makes sacrifices to follow what is known as ‘Personal Legend’.  Bill Clinton was photographed reading ‘The Alchemist’. Julia Roberts has gone on record as saying it’s a favorite of her books.   Perhaps for them it was an after the fact thing because it appears to me they have found their treasures by following the omens that lead them to treasures.

Following ‘omens’ may not be a far fetched idea.  The notion that the entire Universe will align itself with the desires of one who follows their Personal Legend is well known in many varied schools of thought.  I’ll give you a clue;  ‘Find your enthusiasm and follow that.  It will lead you to your treasure and that is how simple it is to follow your own Personal Legend.’  I’m also fond of telling the youngsters, “Pursue your dreams.  Wishing is well, but pursuit is necessary.”

I am passionate about writing.  My treasure is a finished novel, a pursuit that has yet to be realized.  Never fear, dear readers, I am still in hot pursuit of my treasure despite the obstacles I have had to overcome and the distractions I too must fend off.  Not to mention, writing is hard. Obstacles are not necessarily what they seem.  Sometimes the very obstacle that  tests your resolve the most is the very obstacle that leads you to your treasure, go ahead and read ‘the Alchemist’.

In my case, I was pecking away at my keyboard with the TV on and there was Valetta Bradford and her son Xzavier Davis-Bilbo on a PSA.  Valetta opened with ‘His legs are gone’.  I looked up at the TV.  Valetta is talking about her son’s serious injuries and something inside me broke.  I have to admit I jumped up from my seat and I flipped the TV completely off.  I shook with the horror of what I had just heard this mother describe.  I resolved to never look at this story again right then and there.  I listened to music the rest of the night just to avoid ‘the Story of X’.

That next morning at 4 a.m. I woke and began to sob.  For hours.  Something in me had broke for real.   By 7 a.m. I was on Google looking for Valetta and X but Google had very little to offer.  I searched through the ‘It Can Wait’ youtube videos and found another PSA.  I wanted to make a donation to this family, that’s why I was searching.  Someone had posted the PSA and misspelled Xzavier’s name with a ‘J’ instead of a ‘Z’.   That lead me to a blog where some horrible racist was using the PSA to promote the most offensive comments, about thirty people taking part, or was it just the one troll using different accounts?  Whatever.  I’ve been around the internet block a time or two and knew better than to leave my own comment in that pool.  Instead I resolved right then and there to correct the mistake that the well meaning person at AT&T had made.  I would flood Google with the truth about  ‘the Story of X’ and I would turn the websites over to his mother, Valetta.

I became an investigative reporter.  Turns out, I’m pretty good at it.  First I made the website ‘Xjavier’s PSA’ and then I made ‘the Swear Jar for X-Man’ before I actually found Valetta on Facebook.  It was a two week search before I found her.  I retained the url with the misspelled name because others may have been mislead with an incorrect spelling.   Now I want to tell you about the ‘omens’ that were guiding me.  It was all those racist comments and youtube comments that were so damn stupid.  It all fueled my drive to give this family an internet presence that would help people listen to their message.  My ‘intuition’ told me that if their story affected me so profoundly, then ‘the Story of X’  may be our only hope.   This was just a secondary thought though because really I just wanted to go to them and lend a hand with all the work they have to do now.  If I was their neighbor, I would be bringing casseroles over and pitching in with the dishes and laundry.  I knew that Valetta had brought her son home rather than institutionalize him because in my research I found the ‘Pantherdise’ benefit on youtube but the website for ‘Pantherdise’ had a disconnected phone number and no one ever wrote me back from their website.  It would be months later when I found out that the ‘Pantherdice’ benefit did not meet it’s objective to raise money for a new wheelchair accessible van so badly needed at this time.  Xzavier hits his head coming and going and the engine needs repair.

And I also wrote quite a lot of articles demonizing this Distracted Driver and proffering suitable punishments for her gross negligence.  Months later I would delete these articles.  Not because I had changed my opinions.  No.  She should be in prison and I will not falter on that stance.  Keep in mind, Texas raised me.  I also saw many comments during my research that bespoke of forgiveness and the power of healing.  I looked at those comments and wanted to scream.  In fact, I did quite a bit of screaming in my back forty over this ‘Story of X’.   I deleted those punishment articles because Valetta had found middle ground and I made the websites for Valetta.  It’s not like Valetta can legally seek retribution on the woman who damaged her son irrevocably.   Then Valetta would be sent to prison and Xzavier would be institutionalized.   Look at this position closely.  That’s what Valetta did during the nine surgeries Xzavier had to have to extend his life in the restricted zone.  He is paralyzed from the diaphragm down and he lost his left lung.

I continue to promote this family and I realized that I have turned myself into an advocate against Distracted Driving.  You can bet I’m driving my friends and family crazy with my warnings.  I make no apology.  Watch the damn road.   I’ve turned my Facebook page into an advocacy platform.  This is where my enthusiasm drives me, promoting this kid Xzavier because he survived.  Listen to him.  You cannot hear a statistic.  Xzavier is a spokesman right there along with his mom Spokeswoman Valetta Bradford.  They accept every speaking engagement that comes their way.

This is how Valetta copes.  She once told me that when she wakes up every morning she allows herself that moment to think ‘This never happened to us.  Everyone is okay.’  Then reality sets in and the only reason she can get herself out of bed is her own enthusiasm for changing the world one driver at a time.  Valetta understands that her message is powerful.  I agree that it is a good thing that others share their stories and that beautiful celebrities get on board with the ‘It Can Wait’ campaign but it is nothing I can become enthusiastic about.  As far as I can tell, the ‘It Can Wait’ campaign is a dull thing producing little results.  What we need is consequences for drivers who kill and maim and tell your loved ones, ‘Don’t text for X‘.   Share this article and don’t text for X and don’t call them when you know they are on the road.

I got involved because I felt a drive to do so.  I followed my enthusiasm and in return I have become a much better writer.  My advocacy work is not an obstacle to my objective.  It is part of my journey on my way to my treasure.  I will be a writer.  I am a writer.  I am on course.   And perhaps this work will save a life and if you can’t get enthusiastic about that, well then, you probably use your cell phone while you drive.

Paulo Coelho states in this book that if one alters another’s Personal Legend, then that one is forever set off course in his or her own life and will never realize their own Personal Legend.  This is also called ‘Karma’.  The distracted driver who is guilty of injuring Xzavier is also guilty of altering Xzavier’s Personal Legend.  Xzavier is passionate about ‘the Green Bay Packers’ from the early age of three.  Valetta says he was calling plays then.  While Xzavier was grieving the loss of his legs and lung, he was also grieving the loss of his Personal Legend.

Xzavier was supposed to grow up and become a linebacker for the Green Bay Packers.


Shi Shi is returned via the animal shelter after local Milwaukee news stations rally around Spokeswoman Valetta Bradford who pleads for her return.

Xzavier DAvis-Bilbo is reunited with his help dog after the Milwaukee news stations rally around his mother Spokeswoman Valetta Bradford who pleads for the return of her son's companion.

If you have already read the previous article , then you saw my mention of the homicidal actions against the children of Milwaukee playing in their neighborhood playgrounds.  One little girl was shot in the neck, destroying her ability to swallow and I’m sorry,  I cannot report any more on  that story or the one that follows, the little girl I mentioned who was shot in the head.  I am made of some pretty tough stuff but even I have my limits.

I can’t even imagine the plight of inner city residents having to deal with drive-bys that are very likely going to end the lives of their children.   I mention these children though because we are talking about PLAYGROUNDS.  Xzavier was crossing the street to the playground when a driver plowed over him in the confounds of a crosswalk ripping his five year old hand from his then 13 year old sister’s hand.  (Also I mentioned these two attempted homicides against children because the local Milwaukee news stations were covering the Playground shootings  at the exact time Shi Shi, the help dog for Xzavier was taken).

But the news stations did come.  They reported the story of the missing Shi Shi along with pleas for anyone who knew anything to contact the local animal shelter and return this very important dog to Xzavier.  It’s not because she accompanies Xzavier and is able to open doors for him or retrieve things for him.  It’s not because Shi Shi is trained to respond to beeps from his respiratory monitor, which must be monitored 24/7 and caretakers have to visit kitchens and restrooms from time to time so this family in their thoroughness relies on Shi Shi’s services in this regard.  But no, it’s none of those things.  Shi Shi is Xzavier’s dog.

He’s lost so much already in his young life.  Before the tragedy that moved Xzavier into the restricted zone,  as a young four year old, Xzavier had big dreams of becoming a linebacker for the Green Bay Packers and I believe he would have realized this dream.

Now Xzavier travels to different places to speak against the dangers of Distracted Driving.  His presence is enough and his mom Spokeswoman Valetta Bradford does most of the talking but Xzavier is really coming into his element and as he grows up we will all watch him become one of the most effective spokesmen in the world against this deadly epidemic.

Thank you Milwaukee News teams for your assistance.  Every time you cover this saga, you are bringing the world into a safer place one driver at a time.

‘Don’t text for X’





Today I’m investigating Milwaukee

So I am spitting nails down here in Texas over this dognapping of Shi Shi, Xzavier’s dog.   She was taken from their yard this week.

There have been no leads in this case.

What can I do from Texas?  I realized I have the internet at my command and the local news station that has promoted Valetta and the Story of X hasn’t responded to her plea for help.   Okay, I’m writing them a strongly worded letter today.  Then I started thinking what would be even more effective?  How about ask the Milwaukee police to assign a detective to this dognapping case and here is my reasoning for asking something like this, because as a paralegal, of course I know the police do not investigate dognappings, burglaries, (they won’t even take fingerprints, that only happens on TV), car jackings, etc. , etc.  But I can appeal to their compassions, I can point out that Valetta and X are local heroes in Milwaukee and finding their Shi Shi will generate good press.  Hell, such a story might even go viral, ‘Local Milwaukee Police use sniffer dogs to locate and return help dog stolen from Xzavier’s backyard!’

So I Google the Milwaukee police and I find this story about a ten year old  girl who caught a stray bullet to her head in the playground.  Milwaukee residents live in a very cold climate and when the weather warms up of course everyone wants to go outside and play.   Xzavier was on his way to the playground with his 13 year old sister on such a nice day in October 10th of 2010 when he was struck by a distracted driver who was texting and now he is paralyzed and living on a respirator.

This is Sierra Guyton, the ten year old girl who  is currently fighting for her life in a hospital.  There was another child shooting incident a couple of days before this,  so I guess the local news and police stations are a little busy right now.  Here is the link to that story;

And here is an excerpt from the story;

Nicholas Tatumn, 23, said it was normal for people to brandish guns in daylight.

“You just close your eyes and duck,” Tatumn said.

Tatumn had just dropped off his young children — ages 1, 2 and 4 — at the Next Door Foundation and Head Start centers just around the corner from the school when he heard the news about the shooting.

“It’s the second time in two weeks that young kids have been hit by gunfire,” he said. “Some structure needs to be put down. Bring back the gun laws. We need enforcement in the inner city. It’s almost like we need two policemen on every block.”

I cannot imagine people live like this but of course I know they do.  The infamous inner city crimes of major cities all have these types of conditions.  No wonder we make movies about zombies just spreading their venom indiscriminately  to all who cross their paths.  This actually happens on this kind of scale in inner cities.  They are non-humans amongst us reeking of putrid breath and evil intent and even little kids are not safe.

I’m still going to contact the Milwaukee authorities and news stations and ask for their help in bringing Shi Shi home.   My thought is that a retired officer may want to volunteer to use a sniff dog to find Shi Shi.




Latest letter to the Prez

Valetta Bradford poses with help dog that was assigned to her paralyzed son and stolen from her backyard.

Two days ago, a help dog assigned to a paralyzed boy in Milwaukee went missing from his back yard.

His mother put out the alert on her facebook page,

This little boy is nine years old and when he was five a distracted driver ran over him twice.

She was fined a little over $150 dollars.

Valetta Bradford sat through nine surgeries that saved her son, but left him paralyzed from the diaphragm down and missing his left lung.

A metal scooter he had slung over his shoulder while crossing the street in a crosswalk saved his life.

I know about all of this because I saw a PSA that Valetta and X made for the ‘It Can Wait’ campaign.

You may have seen it.  If you have, you will remember.  They are a powerful team, mother and son Xzavier Davis-Bilbo. They have made many appearances asking drivers to wait to use cell phones with an emphasis on texting. The text that took Xzavier’s future into the restricted zone said “I’m on my way.”

I’ve done all I can from Austin. I dream of traveling to Milwaukee to meet Valetta and X, but I am just a lady living on disability.  I can’t afford to take a plane and I wouldn’t be able to make it by bus because of my own injuries,  also from a distracted driver.

So I write these letters.  I know that Valetta needs office equipment and a nerd to hook her website up to a donation button and tutor her a little on the mechanics of content driven marketing.

This will help her out tremendously because Valetta started the X-Man Foundation, a non-profit, with a goal of educating drivers by holding up her son, who is a willing participant in their appearances.

Katie Couric even got him to speak on camera.

We are making progress but it is very slow.  I write to you because a Presidential endorsement of Valetta’s and X-Man’s campaign is needed.  Their message is the best we have at this time against distracted driving.

Thank you,

that Lady down in Texas

Valetta deserves MORE than me, ‘Happy Mother’s Day!’

Lilly from 'Modern Family' demands to see paper

I didn’t write any articles yesterday.  I moped around angry.  Valetta deserves more than what I can think up.  I’ve tried writing to talk show hosts and the President because I have an intuition that Valetta’s son Xzavier is the key to solving our nation’s ridiculous problem of distracted driving.

And even though I am more grateful than I can say to Valetta’s few supporters, namely Werner Herzog for the initial national exposure and to ‘the Katie Couric Show’ for the  recent interview,  it chaps my ass that Valetta and her family has to share the stage with a murderer.

Yeah, that’s right, a murderer.  Oh, you could call it vehicular homicide if you must, but a life has been taken, in Gerber Chandler’s case three lives, and a murderer wielded a weapon capable of taking life.

I’ve been volunteering for this campaign since the middle of July of 2013 and so far I can’t tell a difference, not even in my own little pond.  Oh, my girls have strong opinions.  They wonder why I am so obsessed with this.  When they come over there is always some wordpress site open with images of Valetta and her family on my computer screen.  I am a spider weaving the X web but it catches very few flies or the websites would have followers.

And my own kids are still talking on cell phones while they drive.  What the hell.

So what has me down is what a dummy I am.  I forgot all about Mother’s Day.  I should have been writing the talk show hosts using that slant and it didn’t don on me until too late.

Happy Mother’s Day anyway.  Valetta deserves more than just me.  I hope all of you drop in on her and gift her a generous donation because Valetta is a mom who goes above and beyond with her own kids, with the 32 delinquents she fostered and with your kids who won’t listen to the message,

‘Don’t text for X’


Follow this link to contact Valetta;





Spokeswoman Valetta Bradford and children Xzavier Davis-Bilbo and Aurie Parris appear on ‘the Katie Couric Show’

Xzavier Davis-Bilbo is excited to be invited to New York to appear on 'the Katie Couric Show'

Last week Xzavier and family traveled to New York to be on ‘the Katie Couric Show’.  This is a quick interview that has a powerful effect on it’s viewers.   Katie Couric asks the tough questions because that is what good journalists do.  Thankfully Katie is so sweet and empathizing, that she even got Xzavier to speak up and mom Valetta says he is a chatter box until he is around new people.  Thank you, Katie Couric for being so welcoming and yet, strong and for reporting on the dangers of using cell phones while driving.  You can google Katie Couric with Distracted Driving and find all of her hard work right there.  You all are appreciated by this Lady down in Texas.

Follow this link to watch the interview on ‘the Katie Couric Show';